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"Who the fuck you calling Brown Barbie? You fucking Carmelita Tropicana."

(I may have to be persuaded many times before I consent to give myself really to you, but what of that?
Must not Nature be persuaded many times?)

No dainty dolce affettuoso I...
To be wrestled with as I pass for the solid prizes of the universe,
For such I afford whoever can persevere to win them.
- Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

If you're looking for my art and/or writing, you can find it @ [ profile] darnay.

If you're looking for a new friend, make sure you comment here about how you found me, maybe why you care, all that jazz. Otherwise, I won't friend you back. It's nothing personal, I'm just paranoid, crazy, cautious.

Once you're friended, you'll want to take a look at my About Me & Fandom and Ships posts. They'll explain a lot. Or so I hope. ;)

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I'm bad at checking up on this, just added you. :)

[identity profile] 2006-07-23 06:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Melissaaaa! ;)

I heart you muchos.

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I heart you muchos more. :)

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Hey I found you on here! I use this more than myspace because I really don't like myspace. I'm adding you. I hope you add me.


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Oh, sweet! Yeah, I'm adding you, too! :)

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Katie/Pibby ordered me to friend you cause she started the vpost war :)

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lol! She warned me... :P

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Hi, I'm Sloane. I really enjoy reading your work @ [ profile] sambrookeisotp. You seem like a nice person as well. Add me?

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Thanks for the compliments on my work... although I think you're find my personality to be somewhat... lacking in the nice department. ;) Friends, for sure, though.

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I found you through [ profile] smurfyfredel's journal. I noticed you like quite a few things that I like.

I'm always open to finding new friends, so is it okay if I add ya?

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Ok, this is going to sound ridiculous. I realized I was never checking my flist on journal #2 so I just moved that part of my flist back to this journal. Can I be friended again, pretty please?
*offers cookies*

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Of course. No cookies needed, but thanks.

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I think I first found your writing at, and your drabbles are a lot of fun. I just got my own LJ account, so I thought I'd add you! Hope you add me too :)

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Yeah, definitely. All added. :)

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I found you through Buttercup31's lj post....and I think I want to be your friend....I LOVE SUPERMAN!!!!

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Hey, I came across your journal and noticed that we have a few things in common (e.g. Superman, Heroes, etc.). Friends? =] I LOVE your icon btw. That movie rocks.

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Yeah, most definitely! Welcome! :D

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I saw your journal and noticed your great work and we have a couple of things in common like CSI or Heroes or Superman. Can you add me as your friend? Cool icon by the way.

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I messaged you back, dude. :)
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(screened comment)

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Hey, Sis. It's Bokchoi. I finally caved and got an LJ a while ago. I just had no reason to use it until now. 8D


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Re: Yes

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i think it would be kinda cool if you let me friend you :-)

[identity profile] 2008-07-28 04:10 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, definitely. :)

I also see we share a birthday...

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Hey, it's emmi_chan86. When I changed my Lj username, it deleted me from everyone's friend's list. I have everyone as my friends still, and you can read all of my posts. But I can't read anyone else's posts! So in short, would you please add me back?

:D Thank you!


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Yep, of course, all added. Hee! *hugs*

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Hey! Sorry, my bad :) I saw your comment on some Thirteen/Cameron House fic and friended you because I thought you might be interested in reading mine.
Sorry for the bother!

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It's no bother at all. Like I said, I'm paranoid, heh. ;) Welcome aboard!

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Hey, I've seen you on [ profile] untoldsarcasm's journal, but I found you searching for Maura Tierney <3 and we have some other things in common (TWW, BSG).. friends?

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Sounds good to me. All friended. :)

[identity profile] 2008-11-17 07:41 am (UTC)(link)
Hi, I was browsing passion_perfect's post and saw your user name.
Just wanted to say that it's my favorite.
Ya, thats pretty much it.


Oh, and add me if you would like. You don't have to though. :)

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Um... so yeah, I kinda adore your fic. Anyway you could maybe add me as your friend, please?! : )

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We've been talking on the porn battle at femslash today for ages... I think you already added me...

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Haha. Yeah, I did. I beat you to the punch. I'm a quick draw like that.

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"hating the ne patriots"


*beams at you*

[identity profile] 2009-02-11 11:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Heh. Yeah, I just saw your other comment pop up in the box, and I saw the icon, and I was like OH NOES.

But I only hate the Patriots, because I'm a born and bred San Diego Chargers fan, and well, the Patriots kinda suck for us, y'know? ;)

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Hi there, I saw you on Fandom Flail loving up Popular. I can't even find anyone who REMEMBERS it let alone liked it. Looked over your journal (why does that sound sleazy? Hmm) and you seem cool. May I add you?

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Hee. Awesomeness! I'm so for more Popular fans on my f'list. I love that show hardcore, that's for sure! I added you all back.

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You enjoy BSG and have an awesome screen name and I am in need of more squeeing buddies! Friend? :)

[identity profile] 2009-03-07 05:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Heh. I LOVE me some BSG and squeeing about it, that's for sure. Totally added you. :)

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OMG Shane is wearing a... dare I say it... dress!

[identity profile] 2009-03-24 02:56 am (UTC)(link)
inorite? Heh.

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